Segway Ninebot S MAX

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Range: 38KM
Tyres: 14 inches (Rubber Inflatable tyre)
Speed: 20 km/h

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Take It Anywhere You Go

The Ninebot S MAX is a supercharged version of Ninebot S self-balancing scooter, with faster speed and an extended range.
It features a hand-control steering wheel that is easy to use and provides extra stability for a smooth ride.


  • Adjustable Control Bar – With the adjustable design, you can easily customize the steering wheel to your desired height. Simply loosen the knob to lengthen or shorten the steering column.

  • Integrated Dashboard – Easily check your speed. The speedpanel is integrated into the steering wheel for quick access to your speed at any time.

  • Hand-Control Steering Wheel – The hand-control steering wheel of the Ninebot S MAX delivers added control and extra stability.

  • Easy to Learn and Self-balancing – It’s never been faster and easier to learn a new skill than with the Ninebot S MAX.

  • Mobile App Integration – With the Segway-Ninebot App, you can learn how to safely ride the Ninebot S MAX, customize the rear LED lights, adjust speed controls, lock the S MAX, monitor battery and mileage, access firmware updates, and more! 


Please follow the instructions to open and install.

Tear packaging to access air freshener and loop string.
Pass the string through the hole located on the air freshener and create a loop-style knot to fasten the air freshener.